Meet the owners of CTCS

Angela Newman


President and Operations Manager of Creekstone Title and Closing Service​s.

Licensed Private Investigator since 2016.

Handles CTCS South clients in the greater Lexington and Louisville areas.

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​Angela joined CTCS in 2014 as a closing agent and title search expert.  With over 15 years experience in escrow and title work, she quickly revealed talent needed to push CTCS to the next level.   Angela is a 1996 graduate of the University of Kentucky.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, golf, her pets, and attending UK sporting events with her mom and dad, who are also UK alumni.  CTCS was lucky to land such an inspirational, brilliant, hard working, loyal individual to help lead this company into the future.  She was named of President of CTCS on January 1st, 2016, and will be in charge of covering central KY for CTCS.  Angie lives just outside Lexington and is currently working on her masters degree.

Angie loves to attend Comic-Con and there are many pictures on our photos page.

Angie is moving on.

After finishing her masters a few months back, Angie has resigned from CTCS effective Dec. 1st, 2018.  She has been hired to work at a university in IL starting on Jan 2nd, 2019.  I really appreciate her working with me for all these years and its going to be a little harder and a lot sadder to run this by myself again.  I want to wish Angie the best, she has been there for me, my family, and CTCS from day one.  Her loyalty has been second to none.  Maybe those SK stalkers can take a lesson on what a true friend can be and how to behave like a professional female and how to treat someone you care about.  

Thanks again Angie, I owe you my life.  Your brother would be so proud of you and I'm a better person from having known you and your family.  I will never take down our happy/business photos and if it doesn't work out in IL, you have a job here any time you want it back.  

Best of luck me dear friend, without you CTCS would have not made it to where we are, and I'm sure your next career will be as rewarding as this was.  We will miss you!  Thank you for being a loyal friend, that is so hard to find nowadays.

Ed Faehr


Founder, Executive Vice President and CFO of Creekstone Title and Closing Services LLC

​Field Agent for WGC Sports LLC, Chicago, IL

Managing group partner/bloodstock agent for Copper Cap Farm

Handles all clients in the northern KY area from Covington to Lexington and all areas in between.

Ed has just over 18 years experience in finance, lending, title work, and real estate transactions.  He is a 2015 graduate of Strayer University and attended EKU from 1987-1990.  It was his idea in early 2012 to launch a company that catered to the needs of lenders and title companies, local and nationwide, that were doing a majority of their business online.  This idea was nearly tabled again, but he had to try.  You only fail if you don't try.  It was very rough starting out alone as he did.

After 4 months CTCS had a base clientele of only 15 companies.  After 12 months, there were over 50.  CTCS as of January, 2018, now has 300 local and nationwide clients and has expanded to 2 full time and one part time employee and two offices in two major KY cities.  Ed is divorced and lives just outside Independence and is the main CSA for CTCS and a part time golf instructor in Cincinnati and NKY.   

Click here for Ed's personal website for golf instruction and thoroughbred partnership information.

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